Quick insight into ways of selling internet marketing ebook

Writing an internet marketing ebook is not an easy task, it needs loads of time and patience. So before setting upon this mammoth task one should carefully study the means of getting paid once the book is complete. The kind of royalty you get is dependant on the royalty model you will choose. There are basically four types of royalty models. The first one is the list price percentage model while the second one is the net receipts percentage model. The third royalty model is the flex-price net receipts percentage model while the fourth model is the full list price model.


The first royalty model is the most straightforward and simplest of all. The concept of this arrangement is that you will get anything in between ten to twenty percent of the retail price of the book. According to the second model the author gets ten to twenty five percent of the net proceeds of the internet marketing ebook sales.


In the first two models an external publishing house publishes your book while in the third model you publish your own internet marketing ebook. In this way you get to choose your own price but the marketing has to be done by an external agent, so you need to pay them a part of the profits. In the last model you need to do everything by yourself which is difficult and is not recommended as an external agent will do better marketing.