Internet marketing-its origin


Marketing which means buying and selling of goods has taken many forms. At one times goods are displayed and people used to go there to buy. At that time no advertising of goods is there. News or their quality of the goods spread from the word of the mouth. Later, with the advent of industrial revolution goods are produced on large scale. The producer of goods employed people to advertise and increase sales, arranged transport to take these goods from one place to another. From then on marketing has involved many men, material and expenses. After that internet marketing has arrived.


Now, all transactions are taking place with the help of computer. With the networking of computers, i.e. the internet, buying and selling of goods and services online has begun. Because of globalization nations have become more interdependent more than ever. People want to buy goods or services without moving from the house. Internet has facilitated the buying and selling of any type of goods or services online without any hassles. The buyer can sit at home, browse the various sites offering goods or services, compare the prices, select the goods and order them and pay the money online with credit card. The goods will be delivered at his home.


Thus, internet marketing had made things easy for people in this busy world. Many people now are accustomed to this type of marketing.