SEO Internet marketing is an art which pays well

Business of every field has its own important points and keys to success. Same is with SEO internet marketing. SEO article writing is an art and special skills are required to write a good article. A good number of online training course are available and these courses are simple to learn and understand.  But these training course and programs will help you only when you use them in your practical writing too.

Optimization of keyword is the mantra of success in SEO article. The keyword has to be managed with the contents on the page. It is advisable to use the words which are in common use and easily understandable. Subject research is another major factor to be given most importance.  A well researched subject can be written with more clarity and conviction and this will certainly be more appealing and acceptable.

Now there are a couple of technical aspects to be considered and learned  such as what should be the appropriate number of words, the number of keywords to be used in one article and  use of appropriate font etc.  As per the general practice, around 500 words with 2 different keywords are considered as proper and standard for an article. Total number of keywords is supposed to be around 2%.  The standards and choices vary from market to market as per local demand. One standard article of 500 words can be made into 2 separate articles with independent keywords. As far as font is concerned, bold, under lined and Italic are the most preferred fonts in SEO internet marketing business.